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You never have to explain yourself…

Your friends don’t need it, and others will only see from their perspective. When I was younger, I felt I had to justify my actions or my decisions to others. I was always being judged because the steps I chose to take weren’t necessarily easy or favorable. Yet, they were

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How long do you think it takes to heal…?

The answer is right there in my visual today — there is no timeline on healing. One day you will be telling your story, or you will have a random thought or memory, and you will no longer feel bad, or the tears won’t fall. That is when you’ll know

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End of Q1….

The first quarter of 2020 took us by storm, right?  For some it seemed to go on forever. For me, it seemed I blinked my eyes and it was the end of March; the world was an entirely differently place. January 2nd is my birthday so I always start the

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Level 35

  Hi! I decided to start a blog! Exciting Right?! I believe in journaling. I think I’ve been journaling since the 4th grade. The first time I felt something, I had no one to talk to about it. That feeling was solidified when my journal was found and read aloud,

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